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Did you lose a family member? Are you retiring, moving, relocating for work, going through a divorce, Foreclosure, or liquidating a commercial business.

Check out our services below that will ensure a smooth transition in life

Trusted Staff


2-day estate sales for smaller estates


3-day sales for larger / commercial estates (as needed)


We provide all tables, displays, Interior signage for safety


Outdoor signage directing shoppers to the sale


Permits as needed


Point of sale station


Security (as needed)


Liability insurance coverage


Cleaning Service Referrals


On Staff Realtor


Professional Appraisal Services

Marketing & Advertising

Advertising is key to a successful sale. During the sale, our crew will still be promoting items online. See additional places we advertise below.

2000+ Email Subscribers








Local print publications (trade publications as needed)

What to Expect

Walkthrough of the home understanding what is for sale and not for sale.


Scheduling sale times and dates.


Keys will be turned over giving our crew access to the home 1-2 weeks prior to the sale.


The first couple of days we empty cabinets, closets, clean and organize for staging.


Research the value of items for pricing and tagging.


Our on-staff interior designer stages the home for photos used in advertising and promotion of the sale.


Consulting an appraiser if items are thought to have more value.


Jewelry and coins are taken offsite for sorting, research, appraisal, and pricing. These will be brought back into the home the day of the sale and locked in display cases.


Items from another client may be brought in if the sale needs filling. These items are tagged separately.


The family members will be asked not to be present during set-up and during sales hours. This can be emotional and can inhibit our ability to sell your items.


Home may not be occupied during set-up and sales days.


Once the sale is completed, we partner with the Cattery a donation service that will remove items to additional resale which benefits their local adoption program and other animal care services. After items are taken a cleanout crew does an additional removal of leftover contents,  a minimal fee required.


Our fee is 30%-35%. Out of town sales require a 40% fee.


You will receive proceeds by priority mail unless other arrangements have been made the following Wednesday or Thursday after the sale.

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